100% Pasture Fed Organic Beef

Approved local farmer’s rear our pasture fed beef from traditional Hereford breeds and British White Cows. It may sound obvious, but our cows eat only grass because there are good health benefits.

Eating meat that is naturally fed provides important vitamins and minerals including potassium, phosphorus, Zinc, Iron, Vitamins B12 and E as well as Proteins and good fats.

Studies show grass-fed beef is higher in nutrition than conventionally fed animals. Grass naturally grown is full of omegas which end up in the meat.

See our Organic Liver, Kidney, Heart, Stock Bones and more.

All the Stock Bones and internal organs are now all displayed in special area of the website, separate from the prime cuts and other categories of meats. We have called this section "Nose-to-Tail" and it includes all the range of items that we now provide.


Liver, Kidney, Heart, Stock Bones and more