About Us

Who we are and how we work

Model Farm Shop is a co-operative society of organic and traditional farmers and other producers who are committed to natural methods of husbandry.

No hormones or other growth enhancers are ever used by our members

About Us

Simon Cutter

Simon is the founder of the Model Farm Society.

He was educated at Cirencester Agricultural College between 1977 and 1980.  

Simon has both studied and practiced traditional farming methods for over 20 years this includes farming in Australia.

Rearing Organic livestock and organic produce long before the ‘Organic bandwagon’ started to roll in the wake of the BSE crisis in the early 1990’s Simon has been a pioneer in Pasture fed, Organic and Free Range livestock with a passion for nature and natural food produce. 

BBC Countryfile

Headlining the programme was a feature about the Hereford cattle on Simon Cutter’s farm on the outskirts of Ross-on-Wye. Simon was one of the first members of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association to become an Approved Supplier. He sells meat from animals raised soley on pasture and forage crops to customers across the West Midlands. Read more.

The Hereford Cattle Society

What goes around comes around, reflects Simon Cutter’s farming business – a low input organic system completely self-sufficient in feed. And it’s one which Hereford quite naturally fits in to, he says. However here comes the twist. Simon is focused on using some of the Hereford’s most modern genetics to enhance its overall performance yet at the same time make sure he retains the breed’s hardiness, its natural ability to graze and to rear one calf per year, and maintain eating quality. Read more.

Andrew & Richard

Model Farm Butchers

Andrew has been with us for over 10 years, and has been trained by Ourselves. 

Richard has been with us for a year and is being trained by Andrew in our farm shop.

Together they help us ensure your meat is always freshly prepared and your requests are met as closely as possible.



We are signed up to several farm quality assured schemes. These are fully independently inspected so we can trace every product back to the exact animal. Supermarket traceability schemes can only trace back to batches of twenty or so animals. We have two organic inspections every year, one “Red Tractor” inspection and our pasture fed inspection.

To see the traceability in action, if you have a smart phone you can use the bar code scanner on our pasture fed labels and enter the unique number beginning with “AA” and see the results.

Our Certification

Model Farm is certified by The Biodynamic Association and The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association and meets the standards required for use of their certification marks.

Pasture For Life Cerification Mark


The Biodynamic Association

Registration No. 711

Pasture For Life Cerification Mark


 Licence No. P010

Animal Wellbeing

Our Cattle

At Model Farm we keep traditional Hereford cattle, single suckling their calves for 10 months. Our cattle are bred to utilise extensive grassland, living in tune with nature.

Our Sheep

We keep Easy Care and Vendeen Sheep

Our Pigs

Here at Model Farm we keep traditional rare breed Hampshire pigs.

Additional Funding

Model Farm (S J Cutter) received a LEADER grant to support a project to upgrade the farm shop butchery, purchase new butchery equipment & IT software.

The European Agricultural Fund
for Rural Development:

Europe Investing in Rural Areas

The Rural Payments Agency
Rural Development Programme for England