Paleo Diets

For Improved Health & Energy

The modern day Paleo Diet has been around since the 1970’s and has become popular with those looking to improve their health and energy.

It looks at how man ate in the Paleolithic times before we had modern food processing and modern farming techniques.

The food available in the Paleolithic times for our cave dwelling ancestors was quite different to our foods today – it has been known for much longer than that as the caveman diet or the stone-age diet – and it can help us get back to eating more naturally and is a great “reset button” when our bodies are not functioning properly.

Paleo diets include vegetables, nuts, roots and fruits, food sources that would have grown wild, or more naturally than today. And the meat would have been free roaming foraging on grasses, herbs and leaves and hunted by the cave men. Milk would come from naturally nourished animals.

Many foods that are eaten today would not have been eaten before modern practice was developed.  Sugar and salt would not have been easily available and they would not have been extracted to be just salt or just sugar they would have occurred naturally as part of the whole food, the berry or the apple at certain times of the year.

Research is being conducted to see how changes to diet could improve health for conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart health and energy levels hence all the renewed interest in the Paleo diet foods. Eating low carbohydrate foods and foods with a low glycemic Index are helping many people improve their health.

Everyone is different however we do all need to eat so experimenting responsibly by consciously changing your food choices and how you eat may help you find your own health benefits .

So the original Paleo diet was based on natural foraging, seasonal foraging and everything would have been both fresh and local.

If we argue that modern humans following a diet that is nutritionally closer to that of their early stone age ancestors can be healthier we begin to see the advantages of grass fed, pasture fed, organic and free range livestock production of which Model Farm is a pioneer

100% Pasture fed animals are naturally rich in many of the nutrients modern day diets lack.  For example: omega-3 fatty acids that can protect against excess inflammation, contain a variety of minerals, vitamins and protein that are more easily digested and essential to health.

Model Farm co-operative is made up of responsible farmers who put the husbandry of their animals first, producing healthy organic, free range and pasture fed animals for you. The produce sold in the farm shop is all locally sourced, fresh and good organic principles are applied.

Healthy soil produces healthy pasture that produces healthy animals – we pass these on to you so you have healthy food for you and your families.