Healthy Produce

Fresh Produce Equals Health

Awareness is growing of the need to return to natural farming methods and to eat more healthily.

We have seen an escalation in the last 30 years of many specific health conditions like Obesity, Diabetes, Autism and Allergies and the quality of our food – often processed with artificial additives, has had a lot to do with this rise.

Healthy Farms equal Healthy People

The health of our bodies comes from the food we eat, this is dependent on the health of the ground in which our food is grown. Healthy animals farmed for meat need to be fed natural nutrient rich foods too.  At Model Farm we grow rich grasses and herbs on which to feed our stock.

We butcher our own meat in our own butchery so we can sell fresh cut meat to you.  Traceability is important and you will see the QR Codes on our meat labels that show you where the meat has come from.

For the Health Benefits from Biodynamic methods and pasture fed organic meats please have a look at the two links below:-

The Biodynamic Association

Pasture-Fed Livestock Association

Healthy People

Results of “pasture-fed” is that the meat is leaner, and healthier than the more commonly available cereal-fed meats. 

The fats contained are good fats which are essential for:

  • Human Fertility
  • Brain cell repair
  • Muscle cell repair
  • More anti inflammatory Omega 3 in your blood and lots more

Healthy Planet

  • Growing pasture locks up 1.03 tonnes of carbon per hectare per year
  • Much less green house gasses than corn fed systems
  • Less contamination of ground water, no imported soya for artificial fertilization

More information on the subject of grass-fed cattle can be found at the Weston A. Price Website