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Welcome to Model Farm – your online butcher

Model Farm are committed to natural methods of animal husbandry. No hormones or other growth enhancers are ever used by our members.

Certified by The Biodynamic Association, Red Tractor Food Standards Scheme and the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association.

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The Model Farm Difference

Model Farm Shop is a “loose co-operative” of 100% pasture fed farms and free range poultry and pork producers.

Our members do not use hormones or other growth enhancers and only use antibiotics when really necessary. Trusting natural grazing and sound practices, they are all committed to traditional methods of husbandry.

Simon Cutter was one of the first members of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association to become an Approved Supplier. All his Hereford cattle, lambs and sheep are organically certified and raised solely on pasture and forage crops. Pigs and chickens are all free-range.

Higher Standards & Better Foods

Using a low input Organic system, Model Farm is self-sufficient in the feed it uses to raise its Hereford Cattle. Organic and Free range animals are fed from their own herb rich green grass all year round.

Long before the BSE crisis in the early 1990’s, Model Farm had been rearing Organic livestock and organic produce they have been and still are pioneers in the Pasture-fed farming world. Today their passion for nature and natural foods provides healthy, grass fed meat for your table.

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You’ll find a traceability barcode stamped on all our products which you can scan to find out everything about the animal, the farmer and his farm and see what makes this meat so special.

If you don’t have a smart phone you can still key in the code on the Pasture For Life website.

Animal Care

We have two organic inspections every year, one red tractor inspection and our pasture fed inspection. Our membership of these quality assurance schemes means that we can trace every product back to an individual animal.