Meat Boxes – BBQ Pack (7.5kg)


100% Pasture Fed Organic Lamb and Beef : Free Range Pork and Chicken

Meat Boxes – BBQ Pack (7.5kg)



When summer comes around everyone wants to get cooking on the BBQ whilst reducing their spending.

This 7.5kg BBQ pack offers a saving of approximately £4.00 compared to ordering all the products individually from our shop.

The 7.5kg pack contains the following:

  • 500g Minted Organic Lamb Kebab Pieces
  • 500g Chinese FR Pork kebab Pieces
  • 1kg Garlic FR Chicken Thighs
  • 500g Pasture Fed Minute Steaks
  • 1kg Organic Lamb Chops
  • 1kg Organic Burgers
  • 1kg FR Sausages